Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Men in Uniform
Novella Coming soon!
Officer Danes is focused on his brotherhood, his patrol area, his job as a police officer. Then, on a run one day, a chance encounter with an exotic woman and her faithful companion changes the course of his life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cougar -- Rebound Short Story 3 is now available! 

All three are available for free for a limited time. 
Book 1: First Time Back will only be free until 2/28/2019. 
Get them all while you can! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cougar - Rebound Series book 3 Cover Reveal!

 Cover Reveal!

Short Book 3 — Cougar  — is coming soon! It will be free on several sites including Thirstyauthor.com and Prolific Works.  However book 1 First Time Back will be going to Amazon for $0.99, so get your free copy  today and start the series! Thirstyauthor.com.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Start Your Next Series Today!

Get a deal on book 1: To Dance in the Glen
Then get book 2: The Lady of the Glen 

Review for The Lady of the Glen:
Our feisty and brash heroine, Elayne, starts off the book in a most dramatic way, trying to get her clan's priest to declare the new wife of the man Elayne hoped to wed a witch! She soon realizes the errors of her ways, and both she and her father, the laird of their clan, agree that perhaps she needs some time away.

Opportunity comes by way of Declan, newly returned from serving The Bruce and the new laird of his clan, aptly name the Beast Clan by its neighbors. Having seen other clans while with The Bruce, Declan is determined to civilize his own. And that means he needs a wife, as the civilizing influence of women has been long lacking in his male-dominated stronghold. He saw Elayne in a village as he was returning from war and was immediately drawn to her strong, commanding presence...this could be the woman to help him!

Declan is a sweet swoonworthy hero; how can you help but love a hero who fully supports his future ladylove on the first night they meet in the face of his rather ornery clan? And Elayne...oh, my gosh! What can I say about her? She's a spitfire all right, with strong ideas of the way things should be... but she is also caring and vulnerable... Both the hero and heroine have past scars (and in a way they mirror each other), and they remain vulnerable even after they marry. There are some very sweet little "awwwww" moments. Some scars take awhile to heal...

They act as a team from Day One, and it is fun to see the way they truly listen and support each other. Elayne likes to jump in and defend herself... even getting physical with some who act against her. Declan not only lets her lead in these matters, he backs her up fully and adds his own response. I adore brave but vulnerable couple.

They need to be a team, as there are greater plots against them... both close to home and tied to the history of Scotland at the time. But I'll let you discover that yourself.

If you like Scottish romance, you can't go wrong with this one. If you like ANY historical romance, you will most likely enjoy this book as well. 

Use the links above to order your book today!  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Marketing, Marketing, and more Marketing .  . .😩

I am beat. One week after the release of The Lady of the Glen, and there is nothing left in the marketing pail. It is empty. Not even one little marketing drop remains.  Plus I just started a new temp job, we started back up on homeschooling last week, and there is nothing left. 

But it's a good start. Several things I did differently this time: 
1. More time on Twitter. I think some of the contacts there were unbelievably beneficial, not just for this blog, but for my marketing. I hooked up with some book bloggers and a few offered to review the book!  YAY.   
2. As a result, a shout out to: Rosie Amber -- https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/
 and  Sarah from https://lostinthelandofbooks.home.blog/

3. Stepping up  my general interaction game. Readers want to buy books from people, not from ads. Some days I am better at engagement than others; most days I suck at it. But I try! 

4. Promos and ads - I haven't paid for any ads yet - no money -- but I did pay for a small twitter promo that comes with some features, including this one: http://indiebookbutler.com/the-lady-of-the-glen-michelle-deerwester-dalrymple/

5. Write more!  Not only am I working on book 3 of the Glen series, I am working on my 3rd short, and starting a new contemporary romance series (see below): Men in Uniform, and working on a piece of fiction.  Not that I have the time for all of this, I have a good start.

And maybe that is all I need, a good start.  I'm going to sleep now. 


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Writing while working . . .

Many authors, both traditionally published and indie, struggle to make ends meet on writing alone. Or, we came late to the writing game and have worked the entire time we wrote.  Either way, what is it like to work upwards of 40 hours a week (or more!) and still write/publish?

First, it is time-consuming. Having to balance work and a writing schedule alone is difficult. Then add to that a significant other, kids, pets, and their events that require your time, and perhaps other obligations you may have, such as hobbies, workouts, community events, work-related events, and hoping to find time to read.

Our time is like a pie. We can cut the slices into little slivers of pie, but there is still just one pie of time we have for a day. Some days, some slivers just don’t get cut — they are absorbed into the larger slices, and that is ok. As long as it isn’t like that every day.  Mix up those pie slices!

It is self-effacing. If we feel like what we are writing is crap or won’t be well received, that can affect how we feel our work at our job is going.  As an English professor, I feel that I am the last person who should be telling people how to write if I am A) not writing or B) not writing well.  And if we receive bad feedback or a bad review? UGH.  These challenges may make us feel depressed and that does spill over into our regular work.

And then there is general burnout — where nothing gets done.  We have all had that moment where we are home from work, kids are in bed asleep, and we are burning our midnight oil, cup of tea, coffee or wine in hand, hoping the miracle of writing overcomes us, and. .  . . Nothing. Just that blank screen, that accusatory blinking cursor, mocking us. Our brains are fried; we are tired; our significant other is snoring lightly in the other room, and we ask ourselves why.  Why do we put ourselves through this?

Why indeed.  But from a writer’s perspective, we would most likely respond, how can we not?  To us, this is normal. There is a pull, a need — the same as a need for food, for sleep, for air to breathe.

So to all you writers pulling double duty, I raise my wine glass to you. Good luck with cutting your slices of pie this week.